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Congratulations to Gracie Balisterei, MCTA's 2017 Scholarship Awardee

Saturday, June 3 at 6:30 pm
at the Outdoor Forest Theater
Join other MCTA members at a reception prior to the 7:30 pm performance of PIRATE BOOTY.

MCTA "2 for 1" Pirate Booty tickets are available by clicking the "buy tickets" button, at or at the door.

We will present the scholarship award just prior to the start of the show.
Please RSVP to Teresa Del Piero 831-905-5547.

MCTA Special Event
2017 Scholarship Presentation
June 3, 6:30pm 
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MCTA is happy to announce that the 2017 MCTA Theatre Arts Student Scholarship winner is Gracie Balisteri
Gracie's Personal Statement:

I didn't set out to be a performer and I didn't choose it by default. I came to love performing in music, theater and dance because I was fortunate to receive opportunities at a young age, living here in Monterey County, through the public school choir and theater programs, and opportunities including PacRep's SoDA (School of Dramatic Arts), The Dance Center and more.
I've been privileged to have performance opportunities that range from a featured orphan in Annie (age 8) all the way to playing .Rosalind in MPC's As You Like it at age 16. During this time I've worked hard on my academics, believing in the importance of obtaining a college education that reflects the best of my abilities.
Currently, I'm seventeen years old, attending MPC as a full-time student in my third semester (I have 3 semesters of theater credit while in high school). This decision was made with a lot of thought, and ultimately, due to the high cost of college, a vigorous schedule of outside performance commitments, and family need, I decided it was the best path for me. 1 am in the process of applying to transfer as a Theatre Arts major to top tire 4-year colleges now, and the financial part is daunting.
1 think of Walt Disney a lot. He believed in a vision for entertainment which he pursued doggedly, even when he was down to his last nickel. His pursuit of excellence and commitment to his goals are an inspiration to me. He wore many hats throughout his career, starting from the age of seventeen as an actor, cartoonist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and theme park creator, he always kept sight of one vision: spreading happiness to the world. His work, not only in film and television, but live entertainment, encourages me to be diligent in pursuing my goal of using theatre arts to promote kindness and creativity, while working against harmful forces in the world, especially sexism.  
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MCTA 2017 scholarship award was $1,000 per scholarship

Each year the Monterey County Theatre Alliance (MCTA) awards up to two Monterey County Theatre Alliance Theatre Arts Student Scholarships.   This scholarship is awarded to graduating high school or college students, ages 17 through 25, who reside in Monterey County and intend to pursue further study in the Theatre Arts.
These awards are not restricted to performers, but covers study in Directing, Technical Production, that is, stage management, lights, sound, costume & makeup, as well as scenic painting and construction.  There is no requirement that the student Major in Theatre Arts at a four year institution, but only has an intent to continue Theatre Arts study. Film or Television studies are not covered. 
Applications must be emailed or postmarked by April 30, 2017 
Applications for 2017 are closed.  

Check back for 2018 Application.
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